Saturday, September 12, 2009

Craig's deployment to Iraq

Hi Family,

Tina's husband Craig was deployed to Iraq this past week. He was supposed to leave on the 9th. In fact, that day, he and his family had their teary good-byes, then flights were changed due to a sand storm in Kuwait or wherever his landing point is in Iraq. Anywhoo, he left on the 11th from Tacoma, WA. Tina saw his plane fly over Puget Sound from her office window.

She sent me some pictures today that are attached. The woman in the wheel chair is Craig's mother who came to stay with them for awhile before he left. Also there are some pictures on facebook.

His little family is really missing him right now. Makes my heart ache just thinking about how hard it must be for them. Please include them in your prayers.

He sent me his mailing address before he left so if any of you want it, just let me know.


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